Setting out the stall under a new umbrella


Brand Position

Name interrogation

Visual Identity

Product development consultation

Packaging Design

When, the owner of Lilliput Stores, decided to rebrand the markets and wholesale business he was involved in (previously The Real Olive Co.), we facilitated the process of developing a solid set of brand values and a positioning from which to start. Since Lilliput Stores had already established a loyal customer base and a profile far bigger than its modest square-footage, it was decided that it should be incorporated into the new name to create a more cohesive business.

The logo was hand drawn and based on the iconic Lilliput Stores store-front signage. We developed suite of custom icons representing their range of wholesale products. These are applied across the shop, market-stalls and packaging.


We are now in the process of helping the owners develop a full range of oils, pastas, dried goods etc - all of which will carry the new brand identity. They are also bringing shop-in-shop experiences to some speciality food stores in Dublin, such as Lotts & Co.