Helping a 30 year old institution find it’s new voice.


Brand redevelopment process

Name interrogation

Visual Identity

Signage & Templates

We worked with the whole team at this 30 year old acting school to help them find their position in a much changed market. We wanted to help them express their growing sense of confidence and vibrance to move forward from a brand identity that had been in place for over 20 years. Through a collaborative process we helped the school take ownership of their acronym (used colloquially for many many years) and created a monogram device to fully reflect their professionalism and stature while retaining a link to their heritage. 


The school offers classes and training in many different spheres to we created a suite of logos to express each one, within the new brand identity framework.


The school occupies a landmark historic building on one of Dublin oldest streets, so a key part of the project was to create signage that would launch the new brand identity with sufficient ‘Wow’, while remaining sympathetic to the architecture.

Our favourite piece is our ‘Stage Door’ style sign marking the entrance with a classic stage direction; ‘ENTER Stage Right’