Finding a singular identity in a busy marketplace


Position & tone of voice

Visual Identity & tag-line


Web visual direction

We had worked with Hancock & Abberton for over 10 years when they decided to align their disparate coffee brands under one name - Fixx. This relaunch required some deep positioning work to clarify and solidify the brand as an unpretentious, grounded, top quality offering.

The Fixx word mark is based on a single rectangular bar shape, which is stacked clipped and rotated to build the four letters. This bold, functional approach is rooted in the brand values we developed with Anne Abberton and the Fixx team.


We also worked with the team on determining how the full range would be named and presented under the new umbrella name. So we took our basic bar shape and created a range of patterns to distinguish each blend;

Straight up and down bars for CLASSIC … Bars creating square (poetic licence for cube) shapes for CUBANO… Veins of a leaf in bars for ORGANIC… Slanting ‘No’ bars for DECAF… a grid of Ajuzelo tiles from overlapping bars for LISBON… a Danish flag of bars for OSLO… slanting bars of rain for SEATTLE and a lot of ‘1’ bars for SINGLE ORIGIN.

The system works. Like the product works.


The website is designed to be a place for coffee drinkers to feel comfortable and un-judged. It’s easy to make a purchase and the tone-of-voice is ‘no bull-shit’, as per FiXX brand values.