Attracting a new audience to political engagement


Position & tone of voice

Tag line & strategic copy

Visual identity

Print & digital festival design

The Festival of Politics is a relatively new event which seeks to present an engaging platform for discussion and debate of the Political and political. We worked with the organisers to first of all define a position for the festival to help them clarify their thinking on the event and in turn, inform their programming and marketing.

The festival identity we developed with them is modern and irreverent - presenting an approachable and engaging identity for the Festival of Politics.


The festival logo reflects the push and pull of opposing political positions. Event titles are designed to be provocative and attention grabbing. In the broader visual identity we created irreverent collages to tell the stories of the events. This afforded us great flexibility (and fun) in working with the disparate materials and imagery available for each event. The result is an arresting and memorable approach that has helped establish this new festival in the calendar.

FoP_Poles Apart (1)_BannerPic.jpg