Defining a new concept for Dublin City Council



Brand Identity


Website Copy,Design& Co-Development

Beta Projects is a Dublin City Council initiative designed to improve the experience of living in the city. It’s a live mechanism for assessing, trialling an implementing ways to make things better.

We have been working with the team since its genesis, from development of visual identity, tone-of-voice for copy and right through to web development phase. 

As residents of the city, we are very happy to be involved in this pragmatic and exciting initiative.


We created a suite of colour coded logos for the different phases of a Beta Project.


The logo is designed to be highly robust - ‘bullet-proof’ for application across a range of materials, by any means of reproduction. The stencil styling refers to Temporary / In Progress / signage, reflecting the trial/iterative nature of Beta Projects.


The website serves to both explain what Beta Projects is and does, but also as a live ‘diary’ for projects. It maps their development from inception to trial to completion. It tracks the outcomes for each trial and is also a place where people can suggest projects and comment on those ongoing.